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Yes, you pay shipping costs with us. Surely you know from many shops the "free shipping". We'll tell you something: there's no free shipping. The costs are always included in the price. We offer you shirts from 12€, in addition to the shipping costs. We are transparent about this.

Other shops must include shipping costs in each product - from the minimum order quantity.

At another fantasy shop that offers "free shipping", the minimum order quantity is 1 T-shirt. Since the customer can now buy a single shirt, but the retailer still does not want to sit on the shipping costs for this one shirt, he still has to add the shipping at his shirt price - say 4,95€. So he has a shirt, which he basically wants to offer for 14€. But the evil shipping, that comes with it. Makes then for the shirt 18,95€. Well, you pay them, even though it is called "free shipping". However, they are only not specified separately. You have to pay for yourself, because the other shop has nothing to give away. If you order two shirts from our fantasy shop, it will cost you 37.90€ (2 by 18,95€). In fact, you now pay twice for shipping €4.95, even though you only ordered one T-shirt. Great for the trader, bad for you.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact us!

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