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JIMBEELS - Funny T-Shirts & Gifts for Pet Owners

Dive into our range, which is suitable for the next birthday, as a surprise for office colleagues or as a Christmas present! We offer a variety of items that are ideal as gifts!

Degu, hamster, chinchilla, rat and gerbil

Are you looking for merchandise items such as coffee mugs or cropped hoodies to express your love for small rodents? Then we have the best offer for you. Together with our partners www.nagershirts.de and www.degushirts.de we can offer you a wide range of fan articles for rodent owners. Especially for owners of degus, chinchillas, hamsters, rats and gerbils we have a lot of coffee mugs, women's and men's t-shirts, posters and crop tops in the shop!


Are you looking for t-shirts with funny chinchillas? Funny sayings about your little fur noses? Then you've come to the right place at the Jimbeels online shop. Because we have humorous clothes with chins for leisure time and at home! Discover our long-tailed chinchilla products and become part of the Jimbeels family!


Do you have degus and are you looking for a funny shirt with the octodon? Then you are exactly right with us! Because we have a lot of t-shirts with the little degu! Whether for leisure or for work: the tops with humor are suitable for both! And if you have a child who loves your Duggels too, check out our kids' section!

Fox Terrier, Pug and Co!

But we also offer gifts for dog owners. We have shirts for pug, husky, fox terrier, beagle and jack russel terrier owners! But of course we also have clothes for the keeper!

Regions t-shirts

Do you know a Bavarian, Saxon or Swabian who is married to a Franconian, Baden or Tyrolean? We have the perfect gift for you! We don't offer you lax shirts that just say a country. No, we offer you outerwear where exactly your region from Germany, Austria and Italy (South Tyrol) occurs! We make sure that we include the typical colors, for example from coats of arms or national flags. We also make sure to use traditional writing. If possible even a special old script from the region! With us you can buy authentic and fun things online at the same time!

Printed canvases

If you are also asking yourself the question "How do I beautify my apartment?", then we have a tip on how you can beautify your living space with little money: with a canvas on a stretcher frame including a high-quality print! We offer you canvases mounted by professionals, which have been finished with a high-quality print. The colors are resistant to fading and the print is provided with a matt top coat. So you can enjoy your beautiful print for a long time. Our canvas pictures are suitable for the living room, children's room or the room in which you keep your degus, chinchillas or rats. Because for the owners of these rodents we offer cute motifs on canvas.

multifunctional towels

Are you looking for towels that you can use flexibly? As a bandana or headscarf to protect your ears when it's cold or as a hair tie to hold your hair together? Both go with it. Do you want to use it as a bracelet to wipe your sweat during sports or as a face mask, for example on Halloween or carnival? Everything is possible with these great towels made of polyester and elastane, which can be stretched many times their original shape. And so fit around every head! At least we haven't discovered anyone that doesn't work. Check out our towels here!

Stainless steel cups with carabiner

Can it be a little more unusual? Yes? Then we have our outdoor mugs with snap hooks in our range for you. The perfect gift for mountaineers, climbers and all people who love hiking, the mountains and the alpine! The cups for the camping trip are made of stainless steel and are finished with a high-quality sublimation print! Simply attach the stainless steel cup with carabiner to the outside of your backpack on your next trekking tour! So it's always ready to hand and you don't have to search around in your outdoor luggage for a long time! Clearly our favorite mug for the next hike: the stainless steel mug with carabiner handle!

Enamel mugs

Let's stick to the subject of outdoors! Enamel cups are considered a classic for short-term intake of liquid food on the go! Rightly so! They are made of stainless steel with a high-quality ORCA coating. Around 300ml fit in our Ca2b2b, so that the thirst for fresh spring water can be quenched directly with a few scoops. Great, then you can continue at a brisk pace afterwards!

crop hoodies

If you want something a little sexy, we have our cropped hoodies with a raw hem on offer for you! Perfect for balmy summer and spring days! Here women can show what they have or don't have! We leave the well-intentioned interpretation of this sentence to you! But our casual cropped hoodie is also suitable for the gym and the next workout! Of course, the cords have the same basic color as the sweater itself. Then nothing can go wrong!

Snapback caps

You wanted a cap with your motif on it? Away from 0815? A cap for pet owners or day traders? Then you are right with us! We offer you snapback caps with particularly thick embroidery from the world-famous brand manufacturer Yupoong! The caps are refined with a stick called a 3D puff. This is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. You can find out whether your cap has the 3D puff in the item description.

Classic ceramic mug

Of course, we also have the classic among all mugs, which is guaranteed to appear in every household in this or a similar form: the ceramic mug with a capacity of 11 oz or 0.33 l. Perfect for coffee at breakfast, for the lunch break and for coffee in between at work. Do you like something bigger? No problem either, because we also offer the cups with a capacity of 0.44L. The mugs are high quality printed and dishwasher safe.