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Finding the Perfect Cage for Your Pet Rats: A Sizing Guide

24.06.2023 0 Comments

Choosing the right cage plays a crucial role in pet rat care. These small creatures are very sociable by nature and prefer to live in groups of at least three. Therefore, the space requirement is correspondingly large. In this post, we will focus on how to choose the ideal cage for your pet rat. More details on pet rat care and housing will be covered in future articles.

Pet rat in cage Pet rat guide Cage size

The dimensions of the perfect rat cage

It is essential to provide enough space for each rat: at least 57 liters per female and at least 71 liters per male. A lack of space can often lead to arguments and arguments as the Rats cannot withdraw. A sufficiently large enclosure with enough hiding places is therefore essential for a harmonious group of rats.

Grid spacing and safety precautions

Make sure the bars of your cage are no more than 1.3 cm apart. This prevents young and female rats in particular from escaping. If the distance is larger, you can solve the problem with an additional wire mesh with the appropriate mesh size.

In our upcoming posts, we'll be sharing more tips and tricks for keeping pet rats at their best, so stay tuned!

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