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Healthy nutrition for your hamster: natural variety for small rodents

27.06.2023 0 Comments

As responsible pet owners, we only want to offer our little rodents the best. A key part of this is diet. It is important to realize that not all hamster food available at pet stores is species-appropriate. In this blog post we offer you a comprehensive guide to optimal nutrition for golden hamsters and dwarf hamsters and show you which food options you can find in selected online shops.

Dry food is the basic structure of hamster nutrition. Golden hamsters should consist of a balanced mixture of grain, floury seeds and oily seeds. To round off the diet, we also recommend a regular dose of animal protein and a selection of flowers and herbs. For teddy hamsters, note that special teddy hamster mixes have been developed to prevent trichobezoars. Alternatively, sufficient raw fiber can be given in the form of herbs and tasty hay.

The diet of dwarf hamsters, on the other hand, requires special consideration. For Campbell dwarf hamsters, a mix with a higher proportion of grass seed should be considered. For animals prone to obesity, the feed can be "stretched" with grass seed. Chinese striped hamsters do not require a diet high in grass seed. Grains should be avoided in all feed mixtures, with the exception of pseudo-grains such as buckwheat or barley.

In addition to the dry food, the administration of fresh food is essential. It covers the liquid requirement, supplies important minerals and nutrients and ensures variety in the food intake. It is important to emphasize that not only vegetables and fruit serve as fresh food. Nature offers a rich variety of edible flowers, herbs and branches that can serve as delicious treats while promoting our little friend's health.

For example, you can use branches from nut trees, fruit trees, birches and beeches to offer your hamster a healthy and natural change. However, make sure that you do not bring any pests into the house. Dried nettle leaves *, blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, currant leaves, mallow flowers * and many others can also be used as food. You can either buy them dry or collect them yourself in your garden, on the balcony or in secluded meadows - always make sure that the plants are collected in areas that are not heavily polluted by exhaust fumes or dog / cat urine. After picking, wash the plants well before offering them to your hamster.

It's important not to wake your hamster up for feeding. Put the freshly picked food in front of the house so that he can decide for himself when he wants to have a "midnight snack". Many of the herbs and flowers listed have interesting healing effects that can positively support the course of the disease, but in no way replace conventional medicine if your hamster is seriously ill. Some examples are the anti-inflammatory effect of cornflowers, the antispasmodic effect of hibiscus or the wound-healing effect of sunflower blossoms.

But beware! There are also poisonous plants & flowers, so you should stick to the list carefully. There is certainly a lot more that can be fed, but it is harder to find. Essentially, it's all about providing your hamster with a balanced, healthy diet. Always consider the individual needs of your hamster and introduce new types of food carefully to avoid possible allergies or intolerances. With a carefully selected and varied diet, you can help your little rodent lead a long and healthy life.

Apart from feeding your hamsters, we would also like to point out that we offer hamster merchandise in our online shop. Our products include t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and more, all with fun hamster designs and hamster sayings. We pride ourselves on offering quality products that delight hamster owners and show their love for their little furry companions.

*Please note that some of the links in this article are affiliate links. This means we get a small commission if you make a purchase through these links. This helps us continue to operate our blog and platform and deliver quality content.

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