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Caution, flat joke with wisdom: A hamster, a chinchilla and a degu are sitting in a pet shop

24.06.2023 0 Comments

A hamster, a chinchilla and a degu sit in a pet shop and talk about their living conditions.

The hamster says, "I have a whole house with several floors, a running wheel and always plenty of food. I have the best life."

The chinchilla replies, "It's nothing. I have a large enclosure with a sand bath, lots of places to hide and fresh hay every day. I have the best life."

Then they look at the degu, who has been quiet up until now. "And you, degu, what's the matter with you?" they ask.

The degu smiles and replies, "None of that. But I have a great pun: what's the difference between a degu and a kangaroo?"

The other animals shake their heads.

"The kangaroo has a pouch and I have a better sense of humor!" says the degu and laughs out loud. The other animals shake their heads and join in the laughter, realizing that the best life isn't always what you have, it's how you see it.

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