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Flat joke with wisdom: A golden hamster, a teddy hamster and a Roborowski dwarf hamster

25.06.2023 0 Comments

A golden hamster, a teddy hamster and a Roborovski dwarf hamster sit in a pet store and talk about their characteristics.

The golden hamster says, "I'm the most popular of us. People love my soft, golden coat color and friendly personality."

The teddy hamster laughs and replies: "That may be, but my plush mane and my cute round nose make people's hearts beat even faster. I'm definitely the most popular."

Then they look at the Roborowski hamster, which has remained calm so far. "And you, Roborowski, what makes you special?" they ask.

The Roborovsky hamster smiles and replies, "I may be small, but I'm the fastest of us. And you know what's the best part about it?"

The other hamsters shake their heads curiously.

"The faster I run, the more it looks like I'm flying. People love that!" He laughs and the other hamsters have to admit that speed is also a remarkable quality.

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