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The nasty shipping costs...

21.04.2020 0 Comments

Yes, with us you pay shipping costs. Surely you know the “free shipping” from many shops. We'll tell you something: free shipping does not exist. The costs are always included in the price . We offer you shirts from €12 plus shipping costs. We are transparent about that.

Other shops have to include the shipping costs in every product - from the minimum order quantity.

At another fantasy shop that offers "free shipping", the minimum order is 1 t-shirt.

Since the customer can now buy a single shirt, but the retailer still doesn't want to be left with the shipping costs for this one shirt, he has to add shipping to his shirt price - let's say €4.95.

So he has a shirt that he basically wants to sell for €14. But the nasty shipping, that comes with it.

Then make €18.95 for the shirt.

Well, you pay that even though it says "free shipping". But they are not specified separately. You have to pay for sure, because the other shop has nothing to give away either .

If you order two shirts from our fantasy shop, it will cost you €37.90 (2 times €18.95). In fact, you now pay the shipping of €4.95 twice, even though you only received one delivery. Great for the dealer, bad for you.

You can find our shipping costs here: Order and shipping

If you have any questions on the subject, contact us!

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