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High quality printed canvases

28.06.2020 0 Comments

New in our shop: high-quality printed canvas with unique rodent motifs. A partner with many years of experience in printing on canvas takes over the printing. He stretches the canvases by hand onto the stretcher frame. The colors are resistant to fading and the print is provided with a matt top coat.

We offer our popular rodent "Zillas" as a print. So our Ratzilla, the Deguzillas and our Chinzilla. Rat owners, degu keepers and chinchilla lovers can enjoy a high-quality picture for their living room, the children's room or the room in which the rats live , degus or chinchillas.The prints with our rodents are child-friendly.

Displays a canvas printed with a Deguzilla. Canvas print for degu owners with Octodon degus

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