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Recipe: Roasted salty almonds like you've never prepared before



  • Whole almonds (I take them with skin)
  • Heat-resistant oil (sunflower oil, coconut oil, etc.)
  • Salt
  • Cast iron skillet
  • Sieve
Prepare Roasted Salty Almonds Cooking Instructions

Roasted Salty Almonds

problems and considerations
You also have the problem that the salty almonds don't turn out that well in all other recipes? That the almonds from the supermarket simply taste better? The salt just doesn't stick and doesn't even get into the almonds a little? I also had the problem and that's why I thought about a way of preparing it, how it has to work. My training as a chemical-technical assistant was not entirely irrelevant.

Well, I thought about it: First, the salt must have at least a little opportunity to penetrate the almond and the shell. I was already familiar with a common method for this: boiling the almonds in heavily salted water and then roasting them in the oven. It's possible, but unfortunately the salt doesn't stick to the outside as well as you know from bought almonds. So what to do?
I thought to myself it was very simple: first salt the almonds, then use oil to ensure that the salt also sticks to the outside. Almonds are mostly fat anyway. Add a little: doesn't matter.

The concrete procedure:
In a cast-iron frying pan - I only have one of these, and have therefore never tried non-stick pans - you pour just enough water to wet the bottom. Then add salt depending on the size of the pan. As a rough guide, I would use a slightly heaped teaspoon of salt. Add the almonds and turn and stir over high heat until all the water has evaporated. Then continue to dry the almonds moderately in the hot pan. Because oil has to be added. And in order for there to be no misfortune, almost all the water must have escaped from the almonds. The heat is kept nice and high during the entire procedure. Now add some heat resistant oil. I used sunflower oil, but coconut oil should also work very well. Add just enough to ensure all the tonsils are wetted. The almonds must be stirred and turned all the time. 10 seconds of omission and you don't really have appetizing black almonds. Now it gets tricky, you need a bit of instinct and possibly experience: Every stovetop is different and that's why it's not possible to give an exact time. But you have to turn the almonds in the oil until the skin has a nice brown color, just like you know from the supermarket almonds. It takes about 7 minutes on my stovetop. Now put the almonds in a sieve with a spoon and let the oil drip off. Sprinkle salt over the almonds again as you like and voilà: done! Spread out and let cool and enjoy!

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