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10 Amazing Facts About Guinea Pigs Every Owner Should Know

15.07.2023 0 Comments

Not only are guinea pigs adorable and cuddly, they have a wealth of surprising and awe-inspiring characteristics. Here are ten facts about guinea pigs that will help you better understand these fascinating creatures:

  1. Born to Walk: One of the most amazing things about guinea pigs is that they can walk and eat solid food from a short time after birth. They are born fully developed, making them fairly independent little creatures.

  2. An impressive past: The South American high culture of the Incas worshiped guinea pigs and valued them so much that they even included them in their rituals. Archaeological finds show that these animals were buried under buildings as offerings to ask for divine protection. (Source: )

  3. Adaptable lifestyle: Guinea pigs are neither strictly diurnal nor strictly nocturnal. Instead, they sleep and eat in several short bursts throughout the day, which helps them stay on the alert for predators.

  4. Herbivorous: Guinea pigs feed mainly on hay, vegetables and special guinea pig food. You cannot produce vitamin C yourself, so a balanced diet with fresh fruit and vegetables is particularly important.

  5. Communicative Creatures: Guinea pigs communicate with each other through a variety of sounds, postures, and movements. It's amazing how many different "words" your guinea pig has in its vocabulary!

  6. Change of coat: Like humans, guinea pigs also have a natural change of coat. Especially in spring and autumn you may notice that your guinea pig sheds more fur.

  7. Signs of Happiness: When guinea pigs are happy, they show their happiness through a behavior called "popcorning." They jump into the air out of the blue, a truly delightful gesture of joie de vivre.

  8. Sociable Nature: Guinea pigs are very social animals and do best with company. At least two of them should always be kept to ensure a happy and fulfilling life.

  9. Robust Health: Despite their small size, guinea pigs are robust and resistant to many diseases. With the right care, they can live to a ripe old age of up to 8 years.

  10. Need for exercise: Guinea pigs are curious and active animals. They need enough space to run and play, as well as a variety of toys and hiding spots to satisfy their urge to explore.


We hope these facts gave you a deeper insight into the wonderful world of guinea pigs. Not only are they adorable pets, but they are incredibly fascinating and complex creatures with their own needs and behaviors. The more you know about them, the better you can care for them and enjoy their company.

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