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Guinea Pig Place Calculator

Emma Michendelis by Emma Michendelis 07.09.2023 0 Comments

Calculation of the Ideal Space for Your Guinea Pigs

Why is space so important for guinea pigs?

When keeping guinea pigs, space is an essential consideration. Each guinea pig requires a substantial amount of space to live happily and healthily. In nature, guinea pigs love to explore and forage. A larger living area helps to prevent boredom and the onset of health issues like obesity and heart diseases. In particular, male guinea pigs require more space than females to avoid disputes. Our calculator takes this into account.

Use our handy calculator below to determine the optimal space for your furry friends.

Guinea pigs in the open

Guinea pigs need a lot of space

The calculation of the necessary space for your guinea pigs is based on the selection of the group type and the number of guinea pigs in the group. For a pure male group, a space of one square meter per animal is required, with the minimum side length being 2 meters to allow the animals to run around freely. For a group of females or a harem, the minimum area is 2 square meters for up to 3 animals, and an additional 0.5 square meters are required for each additional female. The minimum side length is also 2 meters here. The calculator provides the necessary area, the minimum side length, and a possible minimum width to ensure optimal conditions for the health and well-being of your guinea pigs.

Remember: Guinea pigs are sociable creatures and thrive in the company of others. A spacious living environment promotes natural behaviors and fosters better health and happiness. Always choose a larger space when possible, and make sure the enclosure is suitable for your pets.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for taking care of guinea pigs or read our blog post: 10 amazing facts about guinea pigs that every owner should know!

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