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Cookies and tracking by (small) online shops 😱

29.04.2021 0 Comments

As a small business, it is important for me to find out what my customers like and where I can further optimize my website.

That's why cookies are important.

Cookies are small files that are installed on the computer and ensure that the website runs smoothly. They store, for example, what you viewed last or what is in your shopping cart.

But you can also enable so-called tracking .

This allows, for example, to understand which pages have been visited and in what order. This is often done with the help of providers such as Google or Microsoft.

The large companies and mail order companies in this world usually have their own apps with which they can precisely track the movements of their customers. Countless data can be recorded, such as the location or whether a WLAN is used or the mobile network.

Even if you visit the websites of these large companies on the desktop, you are often logged in, which enables a clear assignment of behavior to the user.
Because your data such as address and telephone number etc. are stored there.

As a small company with a web presence, my customers are usually not logged in to my homepage, which then makes it virtually impossible to assign surfing behavior on the homepage to an individual user.

Nevertheless, it is important for me to find out how visitors behave in my shop in order to optimize my shop as described above.

That's why you support a small web shop with every click on "Accept all cookies" on the cookie banner. Thank you very much!

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