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23.04.2021 0 Comments

I'm Matthias and I founded Jimbeels in autumn 2018. I discovered the online business for myself on Facebook in a group for t-shirt sellers.

From time to time in my life I had vague thoughts of starting my own business. However, never a concrete plan or project. It was more daydreaming about what that might mean if you're an entrepreneur.

The year 2018 - Me at the age of 38

I had known for a long time that I would lose my job at the University of Stuttgart at the beginning of 2019 because the institute I worked at was to be closed. The picture is from there . It was a good job and I am grateful for this time and my colleagues as well as my superiors. There I got to know what real collegiality and everyday friendly dealings in business mean. I still maintain friendly contact with my former colleagues today. I think and hope the picture reflects that.

Knowing that I was about to lose my job was an incentive, but I wouldn't say it was the only reason I went into business. Because for a few months I toyed with the idea of ​​continuing it as a part-time job. But the longer the journey went, the clearer it became to me: I want to be an entrepreneur for the rest of my life. Somehow it grabbed me. Even if I had to grow into it and can say today: I still have to.

At the beginning I was very focused on Amazon - and that is still an important marketplace for me today - it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to have my own shop. Taking care of customers the way I want to. Present my products the way I want them to. Even if everything is not perfect yet and this is certainly a never-ending process: You can see the result here.

So I'm still in the middle of my story - like everyone is at any point in theirs Life is - and I'm happy if I could take you a little bit with me.
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