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12.04.2021 0 Comments

You can express words like sustainability, environmental friendliness and ecological responsibility with our biodegradable smartphone cases.

The casings can be put in your private compost and will decompose there in about a year.

The smartphone cases consist largely of what is otherwise served: wheat, rice, peppers, onions, soybeans and carrots. Two materials that rarely end up on the table are also included: earth and sawdust.

Your smartphone case will last around 1-2 years. Do you very seldom change your mobile phone - which is of course very commendable for reasons of environmental protection! - the cases are unfortunately not for you.

The composition of the natural materials simply ensures that we cannot guarantee a longer service life. But if you are always using the latest smartphone and still want to do something good for the environment, you are in good hands with our cases.

By the way: We wrote that you should only put the cases in your private compost. Why this? Quite simply: in commercial waste management, the compost is usually not stored long enough for the smartphone protection to completely decompose. That's why you shouldn't put them in there.

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